Monday, April 14, 2014

Spot-On building a CAP-enabled software for ITU-D

The International Telecommunication Union - Development Sector has procured Spot On Solutions to supply a customized software. It is specifically designed to foster the wider-scale adoption of the ITU-T X.1303 recommended CAP standard. The software, to be delivered and abbreviated as CAPITUS, would be utilized by ITU in their emergency communication capacity development activities. Thus, advancing Member States with the adoption of CAP for life-saving communication. Moreover, the CAPITUS resources would facilitate multi-agency all-hazards all-media warning, alerting, and situational-awareness capabilities to effectively coordinate crises.

The potential of the proposed CAP-enabled software was demonstrated by Spot-On Experts at an ITU Development sector organized workshop, in Thailand. The delegates, attending the workshop, perceived the CAP ease-of-use and utility through a series of hands-on exercises. Participants experienced the efficiency gains of the single entry of a message being simultaneously disseminated through multiple technologies to multiple recipients. They acknowledged that the CAP message was consistent removing ambiguity that may, otherwise, lead to false responses. Moreover, they realized the capabilities of brokering multi-agency publishers and subscribers for improved situational-awareness.

As part of a two phase implementation, we are proposing to deploy the CAP-enabled software along with self-guided operating procedures to be made available for Member States to utilize in their adoption. The software and on-line training aids would be offered through a web portal. Authorized members can access the ITU branded software, first to trial the software then download the software to implement in one's own organization. Self-learning aids (manuals and video), self-guided exercises with links to additional resources on best practices would be part of the self contained comprehensive module.

During the first phase, Spot-On will operationalize the CAP-enabled software. The second phase would involve providing the comprehensive on-line training regime for both ITU system administrators, ITU trainers, and Member States. We have begun working on the first phase objective of a customized ITU CAP-enabled software, namely CAPITUS.