Thursday, December 5, 2013

ICTs in Mitigation presented at ITU COE in Hanoi

Three talks in one day at the  ITU Asia-Pacific Centre of Excellence Training on ICT Applications on Mitigating Natural Disaster. The event was hosted by Viettel and held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, in Hanoi, Vietnam from 28th to the 29th of November, 2014.

First talk :: The presentation emphasized on a national emergency communication plans.; "considerations for developing a resilient emergency communication system." To that end one needs to
1. Understand the Natural & Industrial hazard risk profile (e.g. Mongolia)
2. Determine the emergency ICT system:
    (a) State of the plans, policies, and procedures
    (b) Clarity of EM stakeholder roles and responsibilities
    (c) Implementation of multi-agency situational-awareness
    (d) Gaps in communications and business continuity plans
    (e) Readiness on all-hazards all-media communication

A lot of the lessons learned were taken from the LIRNEasia report to UNESCAP

Second talk :: Sahana ecosystem for developing Disaster Mitigation applications - The Sahana ecosystem essentially comprise a community of practice; namely, the group of individuals sharing a common interest in investing their resources towards developing information systems for disaster mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery phases. The power of the community of practice approach is one of the main reasons for the Philippines community was able to get Sahana community’s assistance to fulfil their humanitarian operations information sharing and publishing needs. Sahana members could be identified as “technology stewards.” - terminology adopted from communities of practice theory.

Third talk :: A national emergency communication protocol should implement the CAP standard with defining the country profile, register of alerting authorities, and alerting procedures. The presented the Common Alerting Protocol-enabled future trends of disaster warning applications. The all-hazard all-media protocol is quickly expanding into ads and digital signage space.