Friday, December 29, 2017

Sahana First Response Prototype is Ready

There is a global increase in climate-related, anthropological, and technological disasters. information communication technology has proven to reduce the complexities of managing multiple situations, improve the incident response efficiencies, and promote accountability. The Sahana First Response (SaFiRe) enterprise solution, along with its mobile applications, can be combined to manage the location and situation specific information exchange.

SaFiRe is designed to support a Simple All-Hazard Emergency Operation Center (EOC); especially during the 72 hour golden window. An EOC might utilize SaFiRe for managing simple incidents like burglary, accident, dispute. The response and resources dispatched to an incident varies upon the scenario. An extreme event such as an earthquake, with many casualties, damages, and losses would require managing a large volume of response activities. All these, whether big or small, require managing a series of response actions (or inactions) and sharing information with a Multi-Agency Coordination System (MACS).

A SaFiRe prototype was developed to test the various scenarios and context drawn from several experiences. The code is available as a Sahana Template in the Eden repository. We will continue to imprve SaFiRe. It would be most effective with an actual implementation, although the prototype can be demonstrated for ICS requirements.