VISION - Spot On Solutions (Private) Limited (trading as Spot-On) will advance in being recognized as a market leader offering specialized Information Communication Technology (ICT) products and services to clients in the Asia Pacific Region. The business emphasis will relate to ICT-enabled risk knowledge mobilization applying Operations Research and Computer Engineering practices. We will build long term partnerships with Data Driven Organizations, in the various sectors, to complement their business operations with simple to use but sophisticated risk knowledge mobilization ICT solutions, relieving them from the intricacies of building internal capacity to serve those needs. The end-to- end fully integrated ICT innovations, which make economic sense, would be exceptional and superior compared to other organization aiming to compete with similar products and services.

MISSION - Build Spot-On as an exceptional medium size enterprise in  the last Sri Lankan feudal hill capitol: Kandy that would serve clients in  the Asia Pacific Region. The company would set the environment to  employ professionally capable resource persons with a champion  attitudes to Engineer, Market, and Operationalize competitive and  sophisticated ICT solutions. We will target high value data driven  organization who would benefit from the Spot-On partnership in attaining  a competitive edge in their operating economies. The comprehensive  ICT solutions would emphasis on latest technologies to cost effectively  digitize data, process the information, and disseminate the digital content  for risk knowledge mobilization.