Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Strix ideal for ITU's Smart Sustainable Development Model

Spot-On's STRIX application coupled with YAZMI satellite system is an ideal solution for ITU's Smart Sustainable Development Model. Strix is capable of receiving syncronous (live streams of audio & video) and asynchronous data (files) and then making them available through a local area network. STRIX & YAZMI combine to provide the internet experience to those undeserved digizens who do not have access to quality broadband communications.

The Odyssey Tablet PC is designed to connect directly to the Yazmi satellite with the Yazmi antenna or connect to a Strix receiver-server box though the WiFi. The school solution provides live streams of classroom lectures on to the Tablet PC. Students can visit the library to access text-books to read, watch videos, or listed to audio sound bytes. Health educators can utilize the same applications to provide health education programs and sophisticated medical procedures to rural practitioners

During a crisis the Strix and Yazmi solution can be used to provide early warnings and support emergency response operations with situational-awareness information.