Saturday, August 2, 2008

Preliminary work of ealry warning system classification presented

I was delighted to have had the opportunity of presenting the preliminary outline of the theoretical work towards classifying early warning systems at LIRNEasia's colloquium this past Tuesday. The first proposition presented to the audience was on establishing that the necessary and sufficient components of an EWS being a sensor, detector, decision, broker, and response system. In EWS systems such as sensor and detection are coupled and termed as detection and monitoring. However, the distinction between sensor and detection systems; namely defining the operations, were resolved. The LIRNEasia blog, titled- what are these monkey's doing in our blog, recognizes that theory can and should be used to model response systems. It was clear that the presentation was too long. Best is to break down the presentation in to 3 parts addressing the 3 primary classifiers. LIRNEasia would like me to address the propositions on the LIRNEasia blog to start a discuss, which I will in the near future.

Click here for the slides