Sunday, May 26, 2013

Spot-On software and Yazmi satellites for Distant Learning

Yazmi USA, LLC recently contracted Spot-On to build and customize the "STRIX" software for schools. The satellite technology will bridge those schools that are deprived of access to the world wide web because of the absence of the Internet. Now those communities can receive digital content as well as receive live digital streams.

The STRIX software and local server infrastructure will give the students a similar experience as the world wide web. Experienced teachers living in any part of the world can conduct live classes with sharing presentations in real-time as well as real-time white-boarding functions and directly talk to the students in remote locations.

Educational content will be delivered to the local servers in the schools for students to browse and access content. It is an ideal solution for places limited by broadband access. The Yazmi School Solution brings the world wide web experience closer to their door step. All that the students will need is an affordable Tablet-PC.

STRIX software and Yazmi satellite infrastructure is not limited to the school solution. It is capable of serving multiple sectors and functions such as delivering severe weather forecast information to communities without access to broadband connectivity, such as to the large population of nomadic herders in Mongolia.